Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2012

We already live in the country that we want to live in

The fact that we are unhappy about the life we lead, or the country we live in is our own fault. It takes some effort, but the change can happen.We all know things are bad and most of the times we see the fault with other people. But, what have you done lately to improve your situation? Did you stop and pick up a can that someone threw on the street?

Change all the things that you don't like and people will copy you, because it will seem like the standard of behavior. That's when the big change happens. No longer will everybody just pass by a problem and think "OMG, how can this happen here? Why doesn't someone do something about it?" Well, YOU can do something about it. Clean up your backyard. Clean up your front yard. Then paint your house. Cut the grass, destroy the weed, prune the trees. Mend all broken windows and the fence. Ask people to help and assist them when they do the same with their home.

Then go around your neighborhood, or the building you live in. Inspire change in others. Be the man you want others to be, or the best self you can be. Even if you can't accomplish something yourself, you can talk to others about the problem and together you can probably do it. This should show you that the whole country must be seen as your own backyard. It there's a problem - fix it.

Small things matter, just as one person matters within a larger group of people.Failure to do this means things aren't so bad - you're basically satisfied with the way things are. So, stop bitchin' and start workin'.

And it seems someone shares my opinion:

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