Freitag, 1. Juni 2012

I wonder who the Einstein of our age was

I'm thinking about the future warfare and what comes to mind is not nuclear strikes, it's cyber attacks.

This only being a possibility, if the people who contemplate the most effective ways to hurt the enemy do know where it hurts the most and how to do it in a least costly way (in terms of lost lives, at least). The ways in which you can seriously maim your enemy by messing with their computers are countless. I'm not an expert on the issue, but I do suppose that more advanced countries use more advanced weaponry and defense systems that rely on computers. A virus that incapacitates these, or even uses them against their operators would be the ultimate weapon.

I remember reading something about Iranians successfully landing a US drone by implanting a virus into it's software, effectively taking over controls. The US denied this and said it was merely shot down. Either way, it opens a whole lot of questions about the feasibility of such warfare.

One only needs to see Live Free or Die Hard (Die Hard 4) to get an idea of the damage a cyber attack can cause. John McClane  saves the world from the so-called "fire sale", a cyber attack of apocalyptic scale.

Thus, I wonder, has there been a letter to the US president warning him of the dangers of cyber warfare, reminiscent of the letter sent by Albert Einstein to president Roosevelt? Or was it Bruce Willis alias John McClane who warned us of this menace, through his movie?

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